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Save A Phone
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Save your wet phones, wet digital cameras, wet radios and more!

Save A Phone is a revolutionary new product that is the most powerful electronics drying system on the market. 

Dropped in a toilet, run through the washing machine, landed in a puddle on your last mountain bike wipe-out, or caught in a rainstorm, Save-A-Phone is your best chance to rescue your valuable data and save your wet device from permanent damage.

It can also be used as storage for your electronics in high-humidity environments such as on boats, camping trips, or vacationing in the tropics.  Your cell phone could someday be your most important piece of emergency equipment so it’s imperative to keep it dry.

It can be used with mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras, video cameras, remote controls, handheld consoles, or other small electronics products. 

As featured on the Gadget Show, this product received the highly sought after G5 rating.

Full instructions can be seen in the video below:


Save-A-Phone Instruction Guide from Save-A-Phone on Vimeo.


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